Need a pre-handover inspection on your new home?

Need a pre-handover inspection on your new home?

  • All inspections are completed by registered builder, Kevin Burns.
  • Kevin has over 40 years experience in the building industry.
  • Reports from $295.

Kevin Burns
Owner & Builder

Pre-purchase Building Inspection Perth

Building Inspectors Perth provides building inspection services to all suburbs in the Perth metro area.

Building Inspections Perth provides pre-purchase building inspections, serving all suburbs in the Perth metro area.

Prior to a lender providing any financing for the purchase of a property, they may require that a pre-purchase building inspection be performed by a registered building inspector. Building Inspectors Perth can help you meet this requirement.

Building Inspectors Perth will be able to provide a detailed, written building inspection report that will let all parties know the current condition of the property. This is important, especially when issues such as a leaking roof, water damage, foundation problems or termite infestation are present. Many problems can be hidden from view and without a pre-purchase building inspection by a professional inspector it would be difficult to determine if a problem exists.

Before purchasing a new home, duplex or apartment unit, it is important to understand exactly what you are buying. Prior to making an offer or submitting a purchase agreement, your agent might have done an extensive property analysis. This evaluation of comparable properties provided one of the best methods of determining the current market value of the property you are considering. However, in addition to making an offer that is fair for the home you want to buy, it is also important to make sure that you know the property's condition. This can be difficult to determine by a simple walk through, especially for someone who is not trained in this area. A pre-purchase building inspection is a practical, convenient and affordable solution for both the buyer and seller.

A pre-purchase building inspection is able to highlight any problem and the seller can ensure that it is resolved prior to the sale of the home. Many problems are fairly minor and require that specific repairs be completed before the home's sale is finalised. However, larger problems might result in a withdrawal of the purchase offer.

Arranging the pre-purchase building inspection report is very simple. All we require is an email or phone call with the details of the selling agent and we will contact the property owner to arrange a time for the pre-purchase building inspection. This eliminates any inconvenience for the buyer and allows the transaction to proceed as planned. In fact, when financing is contingent on the results of the pre-purchase building inspection, it is crucial that this is taken care of as soon as possible.

All inspections and reports are personally prepared by Kevin Burns, a qualified building inspector and registered builder with over 35 years experience.

Please contact Building Inspectors Perth to discuss your requirements or to arrange a report.

Why Choose Us?

Builder Inspectors Perth is a locally owned and operated Western Australian business.

  • Reports are emailed within 48 hours of inspection.
  • Building reports include photos.
  • Phone support for any questions you have.
  • All inspections and reports are completed by Kevin Burns, Owner & Builder.
    • Registered builder since 1982.
    • Member of the Housing Industry Association.
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance.

3 Easy Steps to Obtain Your Report


Email your details, address of the property and agent contact details to


We will contact agent or owner to arrange a time for the inspection.


The report is prepared by the inspector (Kevin Burns) and emailed or posted together with the Invoice.